Sheppey Light Railway Greenway


Our project will promote and assist for the public benefit the construction and maintenance of a public access route for walking, wheeling and cycling across the Isle of Sheppey between Queenborough and Leysdown on Sea, using where possible the route of the historic Sheppey Light Railway.

AGM Thursday 25th April 7pm

New Covenant Church corner of Wards Hill Rd and Highview Rd Minster ME12 2JZ

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Clearing the path from

Sheerness Golf Course to Scrapsgate 

The SLR Greenway project volunteers have now completed the public pathway clearance and levelling from Sheerness Golf Club in Power Station Road through to Scrapsgate Road.

I’m sure you will all agree this now looks absolutely beautiful with natural arches and clear access and views all along the route it is now become one of our most beautiful nature walks here on Sheppey. 

As well as opening up the path for everyone to use we have preserved and improved the natural habit for wildlife and were joined by Robins all along the entire route!

This is just the start of the SLR Greenway project and with the continued support and help from residents, land owners, businesses and councils this will be a project that we can all really  enjoy and be extremely proud of.

As well as remembering the history associated with the Sheppey Light Railway it affords a safe and natural route for our children and everyone to experience.

Please take a stroll or bike ride along the route and give us your feedback as it would be much appreciated,

We must thank to date all the volunteers, landowners and councillors with a special thanks to the businesses that have volunteered their time and funds to make this happen:


Blenwood Grounds Maintenance

Henderson Facilities Management

Astral Ltd Building Contractors

Legacy Lifts

Devine Direct Labour

The Pyramid Project

We had a successful AGM - Chair's Report and Minutes here.

We are moving forward! Applications are going in to raise £6,000 to fund a detailed Route Plan across the Island, of which £2,000 has already been offered. 

Obviously the success of the project will depend on the various landowners being willing to allow the Greenway to pass across their land. They will be approached when the Route Plan has been produced.

Please see below two plans. 

The first is a project we will start work on this August behind a place on the island called Halfway Houses. This is one of the longest sections of existing railway track bed, two parts of which are already Public Rights of Way.  Work on this section has already begun:

Many thanks to those who turned out for the volunteering days! Pics here.

The remainder of the path from Sheerness Gold Club to Scrapsgate will be cleared during November - see above.

The second is an overview of a conceptual route across the Island. The Route Plan mentioned above will be based on this.

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The next public meeting will be the 

AGM in March 2024 - date and venue TBA

Course of the Sheppey Light Railway August 1901 to December 1950

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