Sheppey Light Railway Greenway


A brief history

For 15 years or more, creating a safe route for walking and cycling across the Isle of Sheppey has been a rather illusive goal. 

The course of the Sheppey Light Railway would have been ideal but, having closed in December 1950, is largely lost.

Extensive new house building on the island further encroaches on land available for a Greenway.

The benefit for communities across Sheppey - for leisure, physical and mental well-being, safe walking and cycling, tourism - are self evident. 

So there is everything to play for!

Where we are today

Under the leadership of Councillor Linda Brinklow public interest is being raised and a fledgling committee has been formed.

We have over 90 expressions of interest so far.

A picture of the Sheppey Light Railway from the Colonel Stephens Society. 

For a full description of the railway and more pictures go to